Innovative swimming pools generation 3.0 in Poland
We are a leader on the Polish pools market when it comes to consulting services. Based on the many years of experience and thanks to the persistent work and development, we have earned a prominent position on the Polish pool’s market. Such a big success is a result of a very good oer corresponding to the market requirements and a loyal policy towards our partners.

Building the proper relationships with clients as well as taking care of their business is our priority. Through the personal attention we provide our clients with the security and co-operation with an successful result.
Our actions are based on the experience and knowledge of the market.

We will be happy to help you with expanding your business in Poland, focusing on the effectiveness of our activities.
Our success is the initiation of changes in tendencies on the swimming pool market in Poland. We are the author of the concept of object for generation 3.0. We create innovative and unconventional spaces that encourage activities and regeneration.

Each of our next investments becomes a new and timeless work that creates new standards for the perception of public facilities of the 21st century. We break the established standards, set new directions and solutions. We offer an innovative approach of creating, designing and managing areas based on the economic rules and the technological environment. Our designs create a thoughtful, consistent and transparent concept.

The team consists of experienced, talented and well-skilled engineers, managers, specialists, lawyers and academics with wide experience in water facilities management.

The potential of our staff enables us to meet all the demands and expectations
of both investors and the users.
AGRAPOOL CONSULTING gives support to companies, local governments and organizations to establish cooperation in the country and abroad.

We know that cooperation at the national and international level is an important element in the development of the economy and the potential of product.
Indispensable for this activity is to give support to foreign companies aiming to enter the Polish market in the form of the relevant information of our market
and entities on the functioning and continue following the preparation of the necessary studies and documentation.

Agrapool’s Consulting experts have already participated in various projects, carried out analyzes of sectors and industries, prepared strategies for entering
the market for enterprises, conducted negotiations and established cooperation with partners in Poland and abroad.
AGRAPOOL CONSULTING was established to advise the public and private investors in the optimization of management processes, implement solutions or coordination of several companies operating in the managed object with an investment recreation - sports. Our knowledge and experience are also used to support foreign entities interested in entering the Polish market. Our clients are companies expecting us to action a precondition for a comprehensive understanding of the realities of the project and the specific market in which the entity operates.
Being a competent partner, we support our clients through:
  • providing comprehensive services,
  • applying innovative solutions aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the client’s offer,
  • indicating new development opportunities.

In order to introduce the brand to the Polish pool market, we provide:
  • market analysis and forecasting,
  • analysis of competition,
  • brand and product promotion strategies, analysis of the strategy in terms of the realities of the Polish market,
  • sales strategy, including the determination of sales opportunities, distributors, and how to reach the customer: contractor, investor, distributor,
  • communication strategies,
  • marketing strategies,
  • publishing your own articles in trade magazines,
  • implementation schedule defining all stages, marketing strategy and sales - until the product is launched on the Polish market.
We have been supporting our clients for many years starting from the designing stage, continuing with implementation and management of pool facilities, recreational and educational activities, such as: AQUAPARKS, TERMALS, SPORT AND RECREATIONPOOLS, OUTDOOR POOLS, KIDDIE WATER ZONES, SALINE GRADUATION TOWERS, ICERINKS, RINKS, SPORT STADIUMS, SPORT HALLS, EDUCATIONAL CENTERS.
In all our projects we always care about implementing solutions optimizing construction and operation costs, we model management processes and implement comprehensive solutions that meet the expectations of our investors. We offer innovative
solutions aiming to increase the attractiveness of the offer, as well as indicate new directions for development. We pay detailed attention to the possibilities of financing investments starting from the design, construction and operation stages.

Our activities are based on the knowledge and many years of experience, they are an alternative to standard solutions of designed objects.

Our competitiveness is based on the search of innovative solutions that develops ideas and concept of our clients, an individual approach ensuring security and the cooperation that will be successful. Building the proper
relationships with clients as well as caring for their interests is our priority.